Costing a Product

Foodakin is designed to calculate the cost of one batch of product and to use that information to calculate the cost of a single unit of product.

In practice, most food products are produced in batches and that approach is incorporated in Foodakin by encouraging you to enter ingredients and other inputs in batch quantities as well as prompting you for the "Batch Yield".

New product

It's best to have already entered Resources (see the Entering Resources documentation). To begin costing a new product, simply click "Add a New Product" in the "Recent Products" panel.

In the "Product Information" panel enter the "Name" and "Description" of the product.

At any time after entering the "Name" you can click the "Save" button to save your work. This lets you return later and continue.

Batch Yield & Details Button

When entering a new product, the Batch Yield fields, Sub-Product selector, and Notes field are visible by default. The Show/Hide button toggles their visibility on and off. After batch yield information for the product has been saved, those fields are hidden by default.

Batch yield

Next enter the batch details beginning with Batch Yield Quantity.

If, for example, a typical batch of your product yields 120 Jars of finished product, the Batch Yield Quantity would be 120.

Next enter the Batch Yield Unit. Select a Unit of Measure from the dropdown list.

From the example, our Batch Yield Unit would be "Jars". Frequently your Batch Yield Unit may not be listed so you will need to add a new unit.

To add a new unit that is not already in the dropdown list, click the button labeled "Enter a new unit" and type the name of the new unit in the field labeled Enter a "New Batch Yield Unit".

Use as a Sub-product

If you plan to use this product as an input to another product, assign a "Resource Type" to the product by selecting one from the dropdown list.

If you don't know if you'll want to use this product as a sub-product, you can always come back and change it later.

Selecting a Resource Type for the product (when using it a as a sub-product in another product) simply causes it to be included in the list of inputs.


The "Notes" field is provided for your convenience as a place to store notes about the product.

Save your work

Remember to click "Save" (or "Update") to save your work after making changes you wish to keep.


After you have clicked "Save" when creating a new product, several panels for "Inputs" will appear - one panel for each resource type. Before you can add inputs to a product, you will need to have already entered Resources (see the Entering Resources documentation).

For each product input, click "Add a New Input". In the input panel, select a resource, and enter the quantity used in making a batch of product and select the unit of measure from the dropdown list or add a new unit of measure.

In most cases you will leave "Yield Percent" as 100. If only a portion of the input is used, enter the percent of that resource that is used in the batch. For example if you peel whole fruit or vegetables prior to using, determine the percentage that is used, and enter it into the field.