Welcome to Foodakin 3

Congratulations for taking a very important step towards the success of your food business and understanding your food product costs!

One of the most useful pieces of information when operating a food business is the per-unit cost of making the product. Foodakin is a web-based software application that lets you calculate the per-unit cost of the food products you produce.

Foodakin provides food processors, beverage makers, restaurant operators, and caterers with valuable insight into all of their product costs to help make better business decisions and achieve their goals.


Foodakin is easy to use and carefully guides you through the process of costing out your products so you can have the right information to help you manage your food business more effectively.

Easy Yet Powerful

While being very easy to use, Foodakin is a professional-strength, enterprise-class application that can handle the most challenging and complex costing scenarios. Using Foodakin on a regular basis can help you manage costs and achieve the success you know is possible.