Foodakin 3 makes it easy to calculate the costs of your food products.

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To get started right away, login then click "Costing" and follow the steps below.

Enter Resources

Resources are as-purchased materials and supplies (even labor) that could be used in products.

Click "Resources" then choose the type of resource and enter each resource that could be used in your products along with the price you pay. Enter the quantity and units you buy it in. For example, if you might purchase plain salt and pay $5.20 for 25 pounds. That's how you would enter it as a resource.

Note: Foodakin is not an inventory or resource planning system. It tracks the price you pay (or could pay) for resources - not the quantity on hand.

Start A New Product

Click "Recent Products" then "Add a New Product" When adding a new product, you'll be prompted for a name and description. Click "Show Details" to enter information about the batch yield. After you click "Save", you'll be able to add all the inputs that go into making your product.

Add Inputs to Product

Add inputs to your product by clicking "Add a New Input" in the category of your choosing. Select a resource from the dropdown list. Enter the amount (quantity and unit) of that resource that's used in the formulation. Foodakin calculates the cost of each input based on the resource cost and amount used in the product.

Use Cost Information To Make Better Decisions

Click the "Cost" button (right-hand side) to view a complete cost breakdown of the product. If additional information is required, Foodakin provides guidance for you to enter any missing data.

The cost information that Foodakin provides is invaluable for managing the financial details of selling food products.

For more information...

Be sure to check out all the Documentation for how-to information and step-by-step instructions. Other pages provide specific information about the various features.